The Foundry Updates

Ark – The Time is Now

Ark — The Time is Now We posted this on Medium on December 2nd 2017. There is so much on the horizon for Ark, will you be in time to catch the wave? In the cryptocurrency sphere people seem to continuously be on… Continue Reading →

Day 3 – 4 new Ark holders recruited!

Hi Ark Community, It’s been 3 days since we have started forging and been able to execute upon our Ark recruitment proposal of acquiring new Ark holders. If you are unfamiliar with this proposal, check out our medium proposal here: Growing… Continue Reading →

Day 0 – Introduction of The Foundry

Introduction ‘thefoundry’, tk0n and yokoama (ACF board member) We want to dedicate our time to attract people who don’t own a single Ark and maybe haven’t even heard of Ark yet, to buy their first Ark! 2% of the ark… Continue Reading →

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