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Crypto bumming you out in 2018?

Jumping around Slack, Telegram and Discord channels the mood isn’t to positive at the moment. We had an incredible run up a couple of months ago but price-wise we’ve been going down for a while now and by the looks… Continue Reading →

The Foundry a Guest on Survivor Podcast

Hey! We were happy to be invited to the Survivor Podcast to talk about Ark and The Foundry. You can listen to the podcast here! Best, Yokoama – The Foundry

The Foundry Proposal in French and German

Here are translations of our proposal in German and French!   Ark Proposal French (Francais) Ark Proposal German (Deutsch)

XMAS at thefoundry

Dear Arkies, its our first christmas here at thefoundry and Yoko and me thought hard about what we could do to spread the xmas spirit within the ARK community. We decided to do a split giveaway. A bit to some of our… Continue Reading →

ARK – Voting in 2 Minutes

Every day I still come across some people who haven’t voted for an Ark delegate and as such are not receiving rewards. Ark is a delegated proof of stake system, which has 51 delegates who are voted in by the… Continue Reading →

thefoundry update: True Blockweight

What a week for ARK holders… pretty exciting, huh? tth from ARK Slack made a visualization of our week: Did you have the chance to stock up on a few more of our favorite coin? We at thefoundry also had… Continue Reading →

The Foundry Minimum Pay Out update

The Foundry – Minimum Payout update from ArkDelegates

What is DPOS and why is ARKs the best?

So you’re new in the crypto ecosystem and dont know what we’re talking about? In this article, i will try to explain the different methods used to generate coins and why the method ARK uses is king. As i said,… Continue Reading →

Ark – The Time is Now

Ark — The Time is Now We posted this on Medium on December 2nd 2017. There is so much on the horizon for Ark, will you be in time to catch the wave? In the cryptocurrency sphere people seem to continuously be on… Continue Reading →

Day 3 – 4 new Ark holders recruited!

Hi Ark Community, It’s been 3 days since we have started forging and been able to execute upon our Ark recruitment proposal of acquiring new Ark holders. If you are unfamiliar with this proposal, check out our medium proposal here: Growing… Continue Reading →

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