Hello fellow voters, ARK V2 is approaching and we just wanted to give you a little heads-up what you can expect from the switch to the new network.
First things first, we are going to suspend reward sharing for a bit while we make the switch and get everything back up and running. V2 is a major change and we will need some time to test our new payout scripts and structure.
Dont worry, it wont take too long. As you know, we lowered the minimum vote reward amount to 0.1 a while ago. As V2 will allow for more transactions per block, it will hopefully enable us to substantially lower it further without flodding the network. We have not decided on a number yet, but small voters should then receive rewards a lot more often.
We are expecting a short downtime of the ARK network during the switch. If you want to transfer ARK, please plan accordingly and follow the official blog posts from the ARK Team. We will also keep you updated in Slack and in our Telegram channel.

And now the bad news. As you all know, the crypto market goes through hard times and the current price of ARK does make it very hard for us to live up to our proposal. We tried to sit it out as long as we could, while maintaining the high share you expect from us. But given the current situation we decided to lower reward sharing to you, our voters, to 80% while increasing the share that goes to our outreach to 2%. You know that a lot of the other delegates already took this step to ensure they can cover costs and we did not take this decision lightly. We will make this switch after the launch of the new ark core and our new payout mechanisms and update calculators and our proposal accordingly.

And now some good news again, we are currently organizing another meet up for Ark in January with several other delegates. Details are being worked on as we speak and will be communicated soon. The meet up will be in The Netherlands and most likely in Amsterdam or Utrecht. We hope to see you there to discuss Ark V2, The Ark Community Fund, The Foundry and other topics whilst enjoying a beer, soft drink and some snacks.