Dear Arkies,

its our first christmas here at thefoundry and Yoko and me thought hard about what we could do to spread the xmas spirit within the ARK community. We decided to do a split giveaway. A bit to some of our voters and a bit to people who need all the help they can get. We keep this post short, because we want you to read it to the very end.

OK, here is the List:

Number 1 – We gave 5 ARK each to some of our smallest voters. Those guys would have to wait quite a bit to reach the 0.5 ARK limit and get a payout. So here is a little xmas gift for them. Thanks for voting for us, guys!

The addresses we sent 5 ARK each are:


We hope a few of  you see this, and maybe we put a smile on your face. Either way, you should stock up on some more ARK. We’ve got a bright future in front of us!

Number 2 – The second part of our giveaway is of particular importance to us. We dont know if you heard about Leos Fund. A while ago, our friend Colby Mort (aka Zanderhoff), created a crypto charity to help the family of a terminally ill man that has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. We donated 25 ARK to the fund and plan to further support it in the future. You can read up on the fund here: A CryptoCurrency Fund For A Terminally Ill Dad & His Children

So, do you have some spare ARK and want to do something good with it? Can we get you to chime in and send a few ARK towards the fund? Everything you can give, helps. And, you know, giving is essentially what christmas is all about.
The ARK address of the fund is AeRRnLtPpR5yLMegCTqu4yvmxMgfgnA8b2

We hope you have nice holidays and can spend some quality time with your families. Merry Christmas!

Your foundry team,
Yokoama and Tk0n