What a week for ARK holders… pretty exciting, huh?

tth from ARK Slack made a visualization of our week:

Did you have the chance to stock up on a few more of our favorite coin?

We at thefoundry also had a busy week trying to be good delegates for you. Yoko was hard at work doing our referal program. He talked and talked and gave 5 ARK to a lot of new community members/holders.
In the background i was busy with the technical part of our delegate job, and thats where it gets interesting for you existing voters of us.

With the help from our friends of Dutchdelegate, especially the help from Charles, we were able to completely redesign our payment process. The biggest change is, that we are now supporting “True Blockweight”. I think i will go more in depth about it in a post in the coming days. In short, you now get exactly the share you’re entitled to. Before, only what was in the voter wallets at the moment of the payment counted. Now, we account your share for every block we forge and pay you respectively. The share you get should thus get alot more fair for everyone. So, many many thanks to Dutchdelegate. You guys are the best.

Some of you might have wondered why they didnt get their daily payment yesterday. The reason for that is, that we switched to the 0.5 ARK minimum payout we talked about in our proposal. We are really sad, that we had to do this, but with the current fee structure of ARK (0.1 ARK per transaction) and our relative high payout percentage, we had no choice but to do this. With the coming change in the fee structure, we should be able to do daily payouts for every voter again.

Ofcourse you wont lose your payment, just because you’re below the daily limit. We memorize what you’re due and at the next payrun we add it all together and look if you’re above the limit. If so, you get your payment then. If not, we memorize the sum for the next run. I know that you’re waiting for payment, even or especially if you only have a small wallet. But it might take some days until you reach the limit. We are going to implement a possibility for you to check, what your current stake is, on our website soon. (And i didnt talk to Yoko about it yet, but i think well do some “No Limit” payruns from time to time so that everyone can see their ARK stack grow.

We will continue working on our payout process and try to make it the best we can. So stay tuned for further updates about this.

I wish you all a nice weekend