Hi Ark Community,

It’s been 3 days since we have started forging and been able to execute upon our Ark recruitment proposal of acquiring new Ark holders. If you are unfamiliar with this proposal, check out our medium proposal here: Growing Ark

We are very pleased that we’ve been able to spend all our recruitment funds every day on new members and have grown our Ark community with 4 new Ark holders already!

We would like to take a short moment to update you on how awesome it is to get people excited for Ark and Crypto. Some of the new members had never made any crypto purchase before. We helped them opening accounts, purchasing crypto from fiat, transferring it to an exchange, buying Ark, sending it to their newly installed Ark wallet and lastly, staking it! It is fun to see the enthusiasm people can have with each new step they complete. The beginnings of a crypto addiction for sure!

We also notice how offering some free Ark is only a small incentive for people to join Ark. What most of these new members voiced was that the support to run them through the process and commitment from members in the Ark community is what made them take the leap. So I just want to say, don’t underestimate the influence you can have on Ark and the community. It’s been 3 days and we attracted 4 new members. What if you do the same? What if 10 people do the same? What if we can motivate those people to promote Ark as well? Slowly we start talking about larger numbers and impact.

If you like what you read, consider voting for thefoundry. We have a 94% pay out and 2% goes into our recruitment fund every day. Also, please spread the word on our offer. 5 free ark for new Ark members who purchase 25 Ark or more. The details are in our medium blogpost (URL above), there is a vetting process!

Also, we just opened a twitter account for thefoundry. Please follow us for updates there as well: The Foundry Twitter

Lastly, on a separate note. Pieface is leading a push to get Ark on Shapeshift. Let’s support this to the best of our abilities. Check his post here: Shapeshift Vote

The Foundry!